A Beginner’s Guide to Taekwondo

If you’re thinking about getting into Taekwondo, there’s plenty to learn. You’ll need to know the rules, the basics, and the leading nations. Plus, you need to know the different katas. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to Taekwondo.


ITF taekwondo, a form kung fu, focuses on the development and application of combative techniques. The ITF is composed of a number of different kwans. These kwans serve as the channel for Kukkiwon dan and poom certifications. Chan Hon is also an official curriculum of the ITF.

Five principles of conduct are established by the ITF to guide taekwondo athletes. Integrity, which is about respecting others as well as showing courtesy to them, is the first. Integrity also includes good manners, such as etiquette and standing up in defense of what is right.

The point system is another difference between the WT (and ITF). WT uses penalty, while ITF uses sparring based on points. This system does NOT allow for hand strikes on the head. Excessive contact is also prohibited. If a competitor manages to get three consecutive fouls, he is disqualified.

There are many ITFs all over the world. The WTF changed its title to World Taekwondo Federation in order to avoid any association with the abbreviation of swear words. ITF follows the Kukkiwon School method. This style is based on the techniques developed by General Choi.

The rules of ITF sparring differ from one tournament to the next. Some tournaments allow punches to head and face, while others don’t. In addition, some ITF competitions require chest gear while others do not. These point differences make ITF sparring rules a little different from ATA sparring.

The original ITF was formed in 1966. General Choi Hong Hi, however, moved his headquarters to Canada after controversy. He spent his last years there teaching Taekwon-do to North. Currently, there are three different organizations that claim the ITF name. Spain and South Korea are two of the most popular.

General Choi Hong Hi founded The International Taekwondo Federation on June 6, 1966. General Choi, who was president of ITF for three decades, died in 2002. Choi Jung Hwa’s son was Choi’s logical successor. Choi Jung Hwa was elected as president in 2001. Choi Hong Hi’s term was over in 2002. He would be replaced by Choi Jung Hwa.